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            What Senator Warren Is Not Telling Us about Debt Fiveness

            A must-read article in the Free Beacon makes me wonder if the Senator has thought this thing through . . .

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            QUIZ: Elections Without the Electoral College

            The Electoral College has been in the news a lot lately. What would elections look like without it? Take this quiz and find out how much you know!

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            Colorado Gov. to Tax E-cigarettes

            Taxing vaping products will only lead to more smokers, more cancer and lung disease, and higher healthcare costs.

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            Former Democratic Senator Breaks Ranks on Charter Schools

            Mary Landrieu urges her fellow Democrats to support charter schools.

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            QUIZ: Electoral College 101

            See how much you know about the Electoral College by taking this quiz.

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            The Far Left's Idea to Allow Bombers, Murders Behind Bars to Vote is Disgraceful

            No, Bernie Sanders. We shouldn't reward breaking the public's trust just for a vote grab.

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            Two Truths and a Lie: Sunscreen

            Can you identify which of the following is NOT true about sunscreen?...

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            Childhood obesity is more complicated than sugary drinks

            Via Washington Examiner

            by Julie Gunlock

            Childhood obesity can’t be blamed on one thing. Many factors affect a child’s health: sleep, screen time, family habits, etc. Socioeconomic factors and cultural norms also play a role...

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            Why Sticking Everyone's College Debt to Future Taxpayers is Stupid and Immoral

            Via The Federalist

            by Inez Feltscher Stepman

            The biggest losers of Elizabeth Warren's 'free college' plan will be poor, working-class Americans, and it's only bloated universities that stand to gain...

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            Via Forbes

            by Carrie L. Lukas

            This mislabeled bill is sold as a way to end discrimination against women, but this ignores that discrimination is already illegal. Worse, the bill’s proposed new red tape and associated specter of more lawsuits would encourage employers to standardize pay scales and offer less flexibility...

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            Further investigation of Trump is pointless political theater

            Via Boston Globe

            by Jennifer C. Braceras

            It’s time to move on...

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            Price transparency is key to a functional health-care market

            Via The Hill

            by Hadley Heath

            At the heart of our nation’s debate over health care are two questions: Do we currently have a market for health care? Should we have one?...

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            Bernie Struggles to Win Over Black Women ? Evening Edit

            Hillary Had Intent, She Knew Her Actions Were Wrong ? Hannity

            Comparing Hillary's Email Scandal to Findings in the Mueller Report ? Hannity


            Free College for Everyone! ? Problematic Women ? Listen >>>

            Via The Daily Signal

            Patrice Onwuka on Plastic Bag Bans, Net Neutrality and Michelle Obama ? Americhicks ? Listen >>>

            Mueller Report Finally Available: What did it say and what is next? ? WAMU ? Listen >>>


            Professors, scholars call on Congress to punish schools that fail to protect speech

            Via The College Fix

            by Carrie L. Lukas

            ‘Higher education is at a crisis point, and Congress must act’...

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            Empowering Women in North Carolina

            Via Network of Enlightened Women

            by Inez Feltscher Stepman

            Keynote speaker, Inez Feltscher, started off the second half of the forum with media training...

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            From politician’s daughter to SNL punchline, Meghan McCain has embraced going mainstream

            Via The Washington Post

            by Inez Feltscher Stepman

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